The Russell Christmas Letter 1999

For Christmas, Emily and Rebecca received these matching hats and gloves from their Grandma.

1999 started with our traditional New Year's Eve celebration.  It's nice to start off the new year with good friends, good food and fireworks!

In February we went skiing in Mittersill (Pass Thurn) and Rebecca learned to snowplow in the ski school.  Emily improved her technique and Marian stayed in bed all week with bronchitis. John spent the week looking after the kids, shopping and cooking, therefore he did not do much skiing. After the skiing Becky was very tired and so was the cat. Emily and Becky built a puppet theatre, wrote a play and then performed it, all by themselves. The script for the show was written on the PC using Word, again, this was their own idea.

Emily skiing in February

Becky asleep with Alexander

The puppet show, courtesy of Kellogs

In March we went to Tauplitz and had much better weather than in February and Marian was fit enough to ski :-

Easter was a series of disasters :-

Poor car, hit and run outside the house

Poor Emily with broken arm

Poor rats

Grandad and Grandma came to visit us in May and the girls made a nice crown for Grandad on his birthday (3 May 1999) :-

Grandad with a special hat made by his grandaughters

Marian attended and performed in a Bob Dylan Festival at the Burg Plankenstein in Lower Austria on the weekend of the 22 - 23 May. Follow this link for a full report.

In June the girls took part in the School Sports Day :-

Emily and her best friend - Charlotte

Emily in a sack!

Becky emerges from a tunnel!

In July, Emily and Rebecca attended a tennis course at the local tennis courts in Gross-Enzersdorf :-

Emily and Becky ready to play

Emily receiving the serve

Becky with her best foot forward

In August, we took a day off work and drove down south of Vienna to an area of Austria where we should have seen the total eclipse. Unfortunately a cloud covered the sun for the duration of the eclipse! It was a bit frightening, all the same :-

Scared of the eclipse?

In September, Marian attended a Joni Mitchell Festival (JoniFest) in Boston USA organized by the Joni Mitchell Discussion List

Emily and Rebecca had a big birthday party September :-

Daddy built this desk for Becky
(with a little help from IKEA!)

The girls blow out the candles

All the guests and the presents

Here are some family activites in October :-

Marian playing in her band at Unplugged

John sorting out the Polly Pocket people!

Getting ready for Halloween

John worked hard during the school break at the end of October to develop the rooms in the cellar :-

The new study painted and with a new wooden floor

A new door to match the floor
Alexander helped out with the hard work

And finally, in December, just before going to bed, we put up the Christmas tree and wanted to show off our new Furbys :-

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