The Russell Christmas Letter 2000

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Last year we spent 3 weeks in England for Christmas and the New Year. It was a real family Christmas with John's sister (Ann) and her family (Terry, Robin and Ellen), and John's parents. Ellen's birthday is about half-way between Emily and Becky, so the 3 girls have a great time together. For the Russell Family, the main event of this holiday in England was not the start of the new Millennium, but it was John's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.


Furby slippers

Visiting Santa on the Bluebell Line

Opening Xmas presents at the Kimbers

Grandad keeping busy

Xmas lunch dessert

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

50th Wedding Anniversay Couple

The granddaughters

New Year Millenium Celebrations


New Year's Eve, the Cook

The girls all dressed up

The girls playing a game

In February, we went skiing in Kleinarl. The girls are now quite competent skiers and (against the wishes of their father), they were allowed to skip classes this year. We spent the whole week skiing together as a family and it is already getting quite difficult for Mum and Dad to keep up.

Skiing above the motorway

Skiing with Dad

Skiing with Mum

In June/July we went to Florida. After a week lazing around on the Keys near Sarasota, we drove across Florida to Jacksonville for Margaret's wedding. Margaret is Marian's daughter from a previous marriage and she married Chris Snow on 1 July 2000. Emily and Becky were the flower girls, which they enjoyed very much. We bought a digital camera while we were in the US and took a lot of photos at the Wedding.

Walking on the beach

Becky jumping in the pool

Both in the pool

Margaret's Wedding :-

The 3 girls ready to go

Marian and her 3 daughters

The Wedding Party

Married at last!

Emily was 9 and Becky was 7 in September :-

Becky with her presents

Both with Becky's cake

Emily with her cake

John to a trip to England in September and used the new digital camera on a visit to the Swanage Railway.

Some colleagues from work came around and we carved up some pumpkins.

Emily sang in the Funfest in October as part of the Junior Choir :-

Getting ready to sing

The Concert Etiquette Rap

We're Doing a Show

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

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