The Russell Christmas Letter 2002

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Last year we spent Christmas and New Year at home. Emily and Becky got lots of presents, including some additions to the Beanie Baby collection :

Becky with a new Beanie Baby

Emily and Becky opening their presents

Emily with a new Beanie Baby

After opening the presents, we had the usual huge turkey with all the trimming, including Marian's famous bread rolls. At New Year, after letting off the fireworks, we went to the nearest cash machine and took out our very first euros. Emily and Becky with went skating with their friend Danielle, on the private ice rink in Danielle's back garden :

Christmas Dinner

The first 10 euro note at about 12.30 a.m. on 1 January 2002

Danielle, Emily and Becky ice skating

Easter arrived with special Easter baskets, followed by a spring piano concert, where Emily and Becky took to the stage :

Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny

Emily playing the piano

Becky playing the piano

In May, Emily took part in Mozart's Magic Flute at the school. In June both girls showed off what they had learned in gymnastics. At the end of June, we went to England for 3 weeks and spent the time near Chichester with John's parents. Cousin Ellen came to visit and the three girls enjoyed feeding the ducks :

Emily in the Magic Flute

The gymnastics group

Feeding the ducks with Ellen

We also spent some time looking around London, the Queen invited us in for tea and then we checked out the Horseguard :

Outside Buckingham Palace

Inside Buckingham Palace

Horseguards Parade

Still on holiday in England at Tower Bridge, then a picture of John with his parents (it looks like John has just dozed off), and a picture of a steam train at Portsmouth Harbour :

Tower Bridge

John and his parents

A nice steam train in Portsmouth

Becky bought some nice reading glasses. Back in Probsdorf, Austria, in September, Marian baked a nice cake for for the girl's birthday party and the pool was put to good use :

Beck's new specs

The birthday cake

The party girls in the pool

Halloween produced a lot of strange looking witches and ghosts in Probstdorf. In October Marian replaced her Golf with a Peugeot 206 and in November Marian flew to London to see her sister Lisa :


Marian's new car

Marian's sister, Lisa

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