The Russell Christmas Letter 2006

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Last Christmas and New Year we were in Spain (near Alicante) with John's sister Ann and her family and John's parents. Emily and Becky enjoyed spending time with their cousin, Ellen. One of the best things about being in Spain is the food. We enjoyed a special four course lunch on Christmas Day with the whole family and on another day managed to visit one of our favourite restaurants,   "Pepita's", with John's parents.

Emily, Becky and cousin Ellen

The family at Xmas Lunch

John's Mum & Dad with "Pepita"

In early February, John and Marian attended the IAEA Ball in the Hofburg Imperial Palace. This year, John gave the opening speech in his capacity as Vice-President of the Staff Association. Later in February, John, Emily and Becky went skiing (at Kirchberg near Kitzbhl), where Emily and Becky improved their snowboarding skills.

John and Marian at the Ball

Becky on the snowboard

Emily on her snowboard

While John and the girls were skiing, Marian was visiting her daughter and son-in-law, Margaret and Chris, in Florida for three weeks and was present for the birth of her first grandchild, Tiffany Elizabeth, born on 25th February. Marian visited again for two weeks in October to check-up on the new addition to the the family.

Tiffany, only 4 days old

Margaret, Tiffany and Chris

Tiffany with her Grani

In the Spring, Becky produced a beautiful painting entitled "The Elements" as a school project. Our cat, Alexander, is still hunting mice and birds. Becky won the High Jump in her grade at the school sports day - 1.35m.

"The Elements" by Becky


Becky winning the High Jump

We spent three weeks in June/July in a cottage near Wool in Dorset, with John's Mum and Dad. John's sister and her family visited us while we were there. We took a trip on the Swanage Railway and had a nice meal on the train. This year, both girls got digital cameras and have been experimenting with special effects (take a good look at the photo of Emily drinking coffee below) and many of the photos in this year's letter were taken by Emily and Becky. In September, Emily participated in a challenge week for grade 9 where she and more than 100 other ninth-graders went mountain-climbing and camping for a week.

John, Becky and Marian at Weymouth Beach

Family Barbecue

On the Swanage Railway

Emily with 2 cups of coffee on the train

John's parents on the dining train

Emily on a school hiking trip

September is a busy month as we all have our birthdays. On John's 55th birthday, Marian got up at 4.30 am to bake John a cake for the office. In December, John flew to England for a long weekend so he could be there for his mother's 80th birthday. Just before Christmas, Becky changed her hair colour to Red.

John's 55th Birthday Cake

John's Mum on her 80th birthday

Becky and her new hair

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