The Russell Christmas Letter 2014

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Tiffany and Scout

Daniel's 21st Birthday

Mum in Feb 2014

We were excited that our granddaughters got a new addition to their family this year - a little Beagle named "Scout".  Becky gave Daniel a surprise party for his 21st birthday.  He was very surprised and everyone had a good time.   John visited his mother for a couple of weeks at the end of February.  We love this photo of her!

When Marian retired last year in October, she began studying Kinesiology more intensively and became a Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor in early March of this year.  After that, we spent a week skiing with the Hash House Harriers in Matrei, South Tirol.  Spring came very early this year and John took a nice photo of blossoms on the apricot tree, with our house in the background.

Touch for Health Instructor

Matrei, South Tyrol

Spring in the Garden

New Bird Bath

New Back Fence

New Tulip Bed

We had some new additions to the garden this year: a bird bath, which the birds seemed to enjoy quite a lot, especially in the hot dry weeks of the summer; a new fence in the back of the garden - the old one was pretty shabby and didn't have a proper gate; and a tulip bed, which was actually planted late last year.

Becky got a cat this year, and named him "Snape". He is a Scottish Fold cat, so it's normal that it looks like he doesn't have any ears.  Emily had to say goodbye to her beautiful cat, Moustache, because she was moving to Bristol and couldn't take him along.  Happily, he found a good home with a garden.  We are very proud of Emily, who graduated from Royal Holloway in July with an upper second.

Snape in a Basket

Moustache leaves

Emily's Graduation


Inter-Hash in Belgium

Emily and JK Rowling

At the end of July, we travelled on the Eurostar to Belgium for the Brussels' Inter-Hash Event.   Here is a photo from the Brusssels city center, and one of John resting after a long run.  In August, Emily once again worked at one of the venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and met J.K. Rowling one day!

September is the month of birthdays, and this year also included the wedding of our nephew in Malcesine, Italy, as well as Marian's graduation from the Vienna School of Kinesiology.

Becky's 21st Birthday Cake

Emily's 23rd Birthday Cake

John's Birthday Apple Pie

Becky and Daniel

Robin and Gillian Wedding

Castle, Malcesine, Italy

Marian's Diploma

Marian's Birthday
Flowers and Puzzle

Emily has finished the first term of a two-year programme in Stage Management at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  Becky is now enrolled in a graphic design degree program at the Werbe Akademie Wien (Advertising Academy of Vienna).  Both girls are enjoying their new studies very much, even though both programmes are very stressful.  Here is a photo of one of Becky's recent drawings.  In October, we had the good fortune to see Andy Murray playing David Ferrer live in the Vienna Open final.  Andy won!  The third photo is Emily stringing lights for a school project called "Santa's Grotto".  Emily designed the lighting for this project. John went for a run recently with the Bratislava Hash House Harriers and along the way, they passed remnants of the old iron curtain along the Austria/Slovakia border.  

Becky's Drawing of Keys

Andy Murray wins Vienna Open

Emily Stringing Lights

The Iron Curtain
Austria/Slovakia Border

Here's the most recent photo of our granddaughters, Sami and Tiffany and of Tiffany and Sami with their Mom and Dad, Margaret and Chris.  John visited his mother for her birthday this year.  She's wearing a birthday scarf picked out by Becky.

Samantha and Tiffany

Margaret, Tiffany,
Samantha and Chris

Mum's 88th Birthday
Scarf chosen by Becky

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